Modular Mining

Founded in 1979, and headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Modular Mining Systems, Inc. revolutionized the mining industry with the first real-time, automated dispatching system:   the DISPATCH Fleet Management system (FMS).  Using this early success as a springboard for further innovation, Modular went on to become the market-leading provider of powerful, real-time mine management solutions optimizing the key areas of production, guidance, maintenance, and safety. 

With the most complete lineup of field-proven solutions, coupled with superior customer care and value-add services, including the Performance Assurance and Mine Plan Compliance programs, we ensure every customer receives maximum, ongoing value-in-use from their Modular Mining investments.

Today, employing over 800 employees in 10 globally-distributed offices, Modular Mining has successfully deployed its solutions at more than 250 client sites, worldwide.



Modular Mining