The mining industry is suffering from the effects of peak discovery, the result of deposits becoming harder and harder to find with conventional analysis. Companies have developed sophisticated technologies to aid in this problem, however, the advancement of technologies rapidly outpaced the proficiency to utilize it. As a result, the mining sector is sitting on mountains of unused data. GoldSpot believes a ‘moneyball’ approach to mineral exploration will disrupt this sector as much as artificial intelligence has disrupted others, such as with facial recognition systems and self-driving vehicles.

GoldSpot Discoveries uses artificial intelligence and traditional domain expertise to fully utilize all exploration data available. The company began more as a service company and has already worked with the likes of Sprott Mining, Hochschild Mining, McEwen Mining and Yamana Gold. GoldSpot still work with producers because cash flow covers all operating costs and research and development, but the mandate now includes explorers.

GoldSpot Discoveries invests in junior explorers and acquires royalties, and then gives full access to its team of geologists and data scientists to bring together all the data and use A.I. to identify patterns and areas with a high chance of mineralization. GoldSpot is building a basket of equities and royalties, allowing investors to participate in the World’s only AI-driven resource portfolio.