IsoMetrix is the world’s most versatile Health, Safety, Environmental and Social Management (HSES) software system, designed specifically for the mining industry.

IsoMetrix integrates critical HSES processes such as risk assessment, bowties, critical control monitoring, regulatory and environmental compliance, occupational health and hygiene, incident and investigation, auditing, inspections, environmental monitoring, stakeholder engagement, land access and resettlement, socio-economic development, training, contractor management and many more.

A key focus is on the effectiveness and adequacy of critical controls and leading indicators, promoting a proactive approach to risk management. In this way, IsoMetrix delivers a measurable return on investment, and a more sustainable business.

Integrated risk management

Our platform’s competitive advantage lies in its unique ability to relate all HSES processes to a central risk and compliance management framework. All these HSES processes are tied together using the “IsoMetrix Golden Threads”. These Golden Threads are what allows IsoMetrix to relate HSES process to risk and compliance analysis and deliver continuous learning. Information is presented using the IsoMetrix business intelligence layer, which breaks down analytics by each critical process and relates it to risk and compliance. This enables customers, for example, to see in real time the impact any event has on their current risk profiling.

It is this integration between the health, safety, environmental and social disciplines that ensures risk is understood holistically and reduces the tendency of departments to act in siloes.

Effectively Monitor and Manage Tailings Storage Facilities

The IsoMetrix Tailings Management System is designed according to international standards and best practices. It integrates with existing systems to provide a complete picture of the health of your tailings facility.

Best of both worlds: quick start template and custom solutions. In addition to fully bespoke systems, IsoMetrix provides pre-configured Solution Templates, solutions built according to best practices and twenty years of “workshopping” the software with customers around the globe. These Solution Templates form the front-end of our suite of HSES integrated risk and compliance solutions, and enables deployment within weeks.
IsoMetrix believes in Good Business
We believe that proper management of Governance, Risk and Compliance provides powerful and wide-reaching benefits. It is good for our planet, and the people and communities we work and live with. It also leads to more profitable and resilient businesses. We enable businesses to run sustainably. In helping our customers to do good, we also help them do well.

Understanding how ESG contributes to the business bottom line.

IsoMetrix director, Cecilia Jofre features on the keynote panel debate, “Is the mining industry doing enough to implement ESG at the ground level?” As a governance, risk and compliance professional with over 25 years of international experience in senior positions, Cecilia joins mining leaders as they define the material risks and opportunities that environmental and social governance issues present for the mining industry. Join Cecilia at 11.15am on Monday 25th November.

For the duration of the conference, IsoMetrix will showcase their latest innovations and technology at stand F2 at Mines & Money.

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