Rambler Metals and Mining is a Junior Mining Company that has 100% ownership of the Ming Copper-Gold Mine in Baie Verte, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, with a vision to become the leading mine operator and resource developer in Atlantic Canada. Rambler is a values-based company that understands that its real value lies in its people.

Our purpose is to be a role model for the mining industry with an inclusive and diverse workforce that stands for fairness, transparency and inclusiveness, and we can be counted on to operate safely and sustainably, and to care for the community and environments in which we operate.

Rambler’s strategy is to identify opportunities for acquisition, exploration and development of base metal deposits in countries with perceived low political risk. The Directors have experience in the complete cycle of base metal mining exploration, mine development, fund raising, metals and concentrate trading and commercial negotiations with the shipping and smelting industries.

Rambler is well on its way to becoming a mid-tier mining company through production from the Ming Mine and discovering new deposits as well as through mergers and acquisitions. Rambler listed on the London AIM in 2005 and currently trades under symbol RMM.

The Ming mine is located in a mining district with excellent infrastructure including roads, fresh water, hydroelectricity, and access to a working port. The town of Baie Verte, NL, with a population of 1,300 is located 17km away from the mine and the region hosts a skilled labour force to support the operations.

The Ming Mine is primarily an underground volcanic massive sulphide style copper deposit with anomalously high gold grades. Rambler has transitioned the project through various phases, from exploration, permitting, construction, development, commissioning to production ramp up and now full production. Today, all mineralization remains open in multiple directions while, importantly, the deposit has not been cut-off at depth.

Rambler also owns and operates a gold hydrometallurgical mill, Nugget Pond, which is situated approximately 40km from the Ming Mine. The mill has seen several expansion projects so that it is capable of handling massive sulphides from the Ming Mine to produce a copper concentrate with gold and silver as by-products, at a processing rate in excess of 1,400 tonnes per day.

Copper concentrate is shipped from the Goodyear’s Cove Port Facility in South Brook, NL.  Goodyear’s Cove is a deep-water port with year-round access to both North American and European shipping lanes.  The storage facility can hold 15,000 wet metric tonnes of concentrate material and is appropriately size for the current operation as well as any future expansion.

Rambler is ideally poised for substantial production expansion at both the mine and concentrator plant, as well as exploiting regional deposits.