Sleipner Finland Ltd. is an innovative and customer-orientated company looking to revolutionize the way heavy tracked equipment is moved on sites, in rugged terrain and versatile conditions. The Sleipner trademark offers high-quality and efficient solutions to mobilize tracked equipment fleets in mining, quarrying and construction fields.

Sleipner Finland Ltd. was established in 2011. Its headquarters are located in Central Finland close to suppliers, subcontractors, and right next to Finnish and Swedish mining areas. We have a worldwide partner network helping customers find the best Sleipner solution for their fleets locally. Our customers in more than 50 countries, and on six continents have experienced the mobilization benefits of Sleipner products. Over the years, the Sleipner E-series has been developed to cover excavators and front shovels up to 550 tonne class, and Sleipner DB-series to cover the most common drills and biggest bulldozers on the market.