The Vulture mine owned 100% by Vulture Peak Holdings (VPH) LLC is located on the southern slope of the Vulture Mountains in Maricopa County, Arizona, approximately 12 miles south of the town of Wickenburg, and has been mining gold continuously from 1863 through to 1942. when it was closed down alongside other gold mines in USA, to concentrate mining on the war effort. The project encompasses approximately 272 acres (110 Ha) of patented land parcels, all located within Section 36, Township 6 North, Range 6 West of the Gila River Base and Meridian.  The geographic center of the project site is located at 33°49’ North latitude and 112°50’ West longitude.

Access is provided by Vulture Mine Road, a paved, two-lane road originating in Wickenburg, which heads southerly 12 miles to the Vulture Mine, then continues southward about 26 miles to I-10, the major freeway link between Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California.

There is significant existing infrastructure at the Vulture mine site.   On-site roads are unpaved.  Mobile cellular and internet-based phone service is available.  Electric power is currently limited to small, portable generators.  High tension power lines are located about 3 miles south of the site.  Several existing on-site buildings have been restored and are being used as storage and office facilities.  These buildings have central generator (diesel 45kw) electrical service and running water.  Other buildings are in disrepair and there are no plans to utilize them for mining-related activities in the future, but they are of historic interest and will mostly remain in place.  The Vulture Mountains are part of the Basin and Range physiographic province and are composed mainly of Precambrian granites, schists, and metasediments.  A Cretaceous, granite (Kg) pluton occurs immediately to the west of the Vulture mine and is sill-like in the area of the existing pits. Gold mineralization at the Vulture mine occurs in quartz veins and in silicified and altered rocks within and adjacent to the dike.  Gold occurs as electrum.  The higher-grade Au mineralization is concentrated in quartz veins up to about 50’ thick and is associated with pyrite and galena, and the oxidized remnants of the sulfide minerals. Lower grade Au mineralization occurs over significant broad zones within the schist, conformable to the higher-grade quartz veins and occurs with minor iron oxide minerals and quartz stringers.   Gold mineralization occurs in the entire area between the Vulture Mine   Numerous exploration pits, small open pit excavations, shafts, and adits occur throughout the Northwest Zone, the Stock Zone and the Buckshot Zone.