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Daresa Investment LLC

  • Stand: C20
  • Location: Tanzania
  • Tickers: Private:
  • Commodities: Nickel
  • Project Stages: Exploration

DARESA INVESTMENT LLC, (a Texas LLC) formed in 2023 located in Houston, Texas, is the subsidiary of DARESA INVESTMENT LTD. The primary activity of DARESA INVESTMENT LLC is in investor relations and global sales of the mineral products of its parent company.

DARESA INVESTMENT LTD has been established as a mining of coal sector and Transportation Company in East Africa situated in Tanzania. Our traditional business model is based on mining, transporting and exporting coal in different areas in Tanzania and globally. Based on the decision of the company to diversify to coal transportation, we have now established firm networking with coal miners in rural areas of Songea and Ruvuma and now we can export 30,000 tones per month to the destination port (Mtwara) or warehouse around the country. But the tonnage may increase up to 60,000 thousand per month because we are in the process of expanding our mines operations and networks.
The Company offers a wide range of coal products, including high quality anthracite, bituminous, and sub-bituminous coal. We produce coal products in various sizes and specifications to meet the specific needs of their customers. The company also provides processing services, such as coal washing and crushing, to improve the quality and purity of our coal products. Additionally, DARESA Company provides logistics and transportation services to ensure the timely delivery of their coal products to customers.
SIGNIFICANTLY, in late 2023 DARESA INVESTMENT LTD. made a discovery in SE Tanzania of very rich nickel and copper ore as assayed by SGS. This is in a zone near other producing nickel and copper mines and on a concession area of 293 square kilometers owned by DARESA. The geologists are comparing it excitedly to the Katanga area of Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Speaker information : Mercy C. Galabawa, Director
Geologist : TBA
Unveiling Tanzania's Riches: A Mining Odyssey and Investment Opportunity

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