Louis Kuijs

Chief Asia Economist

Oxford Economics

Louis Kuijs is an international macroeconomist with broad public and private sector experience across different regions; since 2004 in and on Asia, especially China.

As Head of Asia Economics at Oxford Economics in Hong Kong, Louis leads the firm's macroeconomic research and forecasting for Asia, oversees the team of economists across the region and serves clients globally, including through meetings and conferences.

In 2012-15, Mr Kuijs worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland as Chief Economist, North East Asia. He led the research and set the RBS view on the macroeconomic outlook for China, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, as well as the impact on markets, particularly the FX, fixed income and credit markets.

Before that, Louis worked as project director at the Fung Global Institute (FGI) in Hong Kong where he coordinated FGI's research on evolving growth patterns in China and India.

In 2004-11, he was senior economist at the World Bank (WB) in Beijing, coordinating the Bank's macroeconomic work on China. He led the WB's China Quarterly Update and published research on the financing of China's investment, rebalancing of its economy, and long term growth trends. He also led the Bank's mid-term review of China's 11th Five Year Plan.

Mr Kuijs worked as senior economist at the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC in 1997-2004, participating in policy dialogue with governments and central banks and doing economic research on a range of emerging markets and high income countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern and Western Europe.

Earlier in his career, Louis' work included macroeconomic forecasting and modeling on countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia at Oxford Economics and research at the University of Amsterdam.

Mr Kuijs holds a Master of Science in Economics from the London School of Economics, a Drs degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam, and a mechanical engineering degree.

Louis Kuijs