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CompanyAsset Management Switzerland AG

Asset Management Switzerland was founded in October 2006 and provides independent Asset- and wealth management services as financial consultancy.

We highly value personal contact with our clients and are dedicated to offer competent and long-lasting support. Our wealth consulting services are distinguished by their professionalism and continuity, meaning that investors are guaranteed objective advice which is individually tailored to suit their personal needs.

On the basis of solid financial planning, we provide individuals and companies with a neutral overview of financial service, insurance, taxes, assets and liabilities.

Independence, personalization and professionalism are the core values on which we base our actions, in the exclusive interest of our clients. We are delighted when our clients share these values.

Our highest priority is active, professional and individual support of our clients. For this reason, we take time for you and support you with customized solutions. In Asset Management Switzerland, you have found a competent partner who, like you, acts and thinks practically and for the future.

Asset Management Switzerland AG