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CompanyCanaria Technologies


Canaria Technologies is a market leader in Predictive Biometrics Systems, providing non-invasive medical-grade wearable devices powered by proprietary biometric algorithms to predict and prevent Cognitive Fatigue and Heat Stress. Canaria is helping open a new scientific field of predictive medical devices by integrating machine learning with medical hardware to remove the issues of subjective human diagnosis with real-time AI diagnoses.

Worn discreetly behind the ear and powered by cutting-edge computing technology, the Canaria-V analyses over 60 core metrics including heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration, blood oxygen levels, temperature, and user movement.

Not only does the Canaria-V provide a cost-saving solution for heavy industries, it is one of the first proactive safety solutions that have the potential to save millions of lives, globally. Canaria is working with the world's biggest companies across the global resources sector, allowing technology and safety to come together in life-threatening situations.

Canaria Technologies