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CompanyThe Mining Association of the United Kingdom MAUK

The Mining Association of the UK, MAUK, is the sectoral voice for the UK's mining sector, representing 27 mines in all four nations across 10 different minerals.

MAUK's member operators mine, extract and process Critical Minerals, Foundation Minerals, Essential Minerals ... we don't differentiate. We only aim to do it better.  

Through a collective voice we amplify the messages of progress coming from our membership, promoting a truly progressive sector collaborating with shared purpose. 

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  • The Association promotes and provides best practice guidance in all matters of ESG, with a core focus on Major Hazard Management.
  • The Association is consulted directly by UK Government Departments and other authorities on proposed changes in legislation and regulation.
  • The Association provides a Mutual Aid framework for emergency response and recovery and,
  • The Association provides technical networking, visits and references for established and emerging operators to enhance mine design principles and operating practices.

Our 2023 strategy incorporates action and engagement in:

  • Mine Identity & Mineral Awareness
  • Responsible Mining
  • The Future Miner
  • Competency in Mines
  • Mine Smart
  • Infrastructure
The Mining Association of the United Kingdom MAUK