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CompanyWomen in Mining Canada (WIMC)

As Canada’s leading organization for women in mining, Women in Mining Canada (WIMC) envisions an industry that fosters, promotes and empowers women. We see a future where the possibilities, opportunities and goals are similar for all, regardless of gender.


Our mission is to Educate Elevate Empower. As a national not-for-profit organization since 2009, WIMC is uniquely positioned to work with and support women in mining in Canada.

Educate  Our strategy is to focus on providing the tools and resources to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion, and help women working in the Canadian mining industry, to build the skills to become future leaders.

Elevate  WIMC is committed to providing a national platform that fosters excellence and best practices, and celebrates with award recognition.

Empower  It is time for change. The mining industry has the lowest number of women in the C-Suite of any industry group worldwide. Professional networking, speaking opportunities and access to board training rounds out our strategy.


Bringing together like-minded people and aligning with organizations that share our goals in a professional, quality manner, defines our culture.

Why Are We Here?

Canada has more mining communities than any other country in the world. Globally some of the best miners, explorers and developers are recognized as being Canadian. The leading centre of mining finance and expertise is in Canada. The numerous employees, suppliers and stakeholders are proud and passionately committed to Canada’s mining industry.

The industry honours our explorers and mine builders. It receives generous contributions to our scientific and educational causes. It attracts the world’s largest attendance to mining conferences. Most of the world’s mining company head offices are located in our major financial centres. Canada has the strongest resource-focused capital market structure globally. There is motivation to improve corporate governance oversight within our companies.

Canada is truly multi-cultural with a diverse population. That is why WIMC is uniquely positioned to lead women in mining in Canada.

Women in Mining Canada (WIMC)