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CompanyTesoro Gold

  • Location: Chile
  • Tickers:
    • ASX:TSO
  • Project Stages:
    • Development
    • Exploration

Tesoro Gold (ASX:TSO; OTCQB:TSORF) is the first company to identify an Intrusive Related Gold System (IRGS) District in Chile via the newly discovered El Zorro Gold Project which contains 1.3 million ounces in the Coastal Cordillera region.

This region is host to multiple world-class gold mines, has well-established infrastructure, service providers and an experienced mining workforce. Tesoro is led by a team of experienced mining professionals with significant in-country expertise and success.

Tesoro owns 95% of its Chilean subsidiary, Tesoro Mining Chile SpA (TMC) which holds 85% ownership of the El Zorro Gold Project (El Zorro) in Chile.

The Top 10 Drill Intercepts include:

ZDDH0297 - 434.60m @ 1.22g/t Au incl 89.95m @ 3.07g/t Au incl 20.80m @ 9.19g/t Au
ZDDH0288 - 63.93m @ 7.61g/t Au incl 7.00m @ 66.10g/t Au
ZDDH0069 – 267.00m @ 1.12g/t Au incl 132.00m @ 1.89g/t Au
ZDDH0154 - 67.00m @ 3.44g/t Au incl 13.50m @ 15.84g/t Au
ZDDH0017 – 86.45m @ 2.29g/t Au incl 50.50m @ 3.63g/t Au
ZDDH0170 – 205.00m @ 0.96g/t Au incl 35.00m @ 3.99g/t Au
ZDDH0290 – 63.60m @ 2.89g/t Au incl 10.60m @ 14.34g/t Au
ZDDH0300 – 129.60m @ 1.08g/t Au incl 22.60m @ 2.51g/t Au
ZDDH0025 – 121.55m @ 1.32g/t Au incl 22.55m @ 2.98g/t Au
ZDDH0011 - 98.30 metres @ 1.58g/t Au incl 30.30 metres @ 3.03g/t Au

Tesoro Gold