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Mines and Money Connect is a bespoke AI-driven matchmaking platform pre-qualifies your investment needs. Giving you the power to search investors by type, commodities, project stages, regions and stock exchanges of interest. Enabling you to identify the right investors/miners for your projects, so you can schedule lucrative meetings, leading to more deals and opportunities at Mines and Money Connect.
Top Benefits of the Mines and Money Connect Platform:
  • Connecting with potential customers amidst a busy event can be difficult; the Mines and Money Connect platform allows for focused conversations with pre-qualified, interested, and active mining companies.
  • A pre-qualified and pre-scheduled meetings programme where mining companies meet investors
  • Facilitating professionally organized one on one meetings.
  • Bringing qualified investors together with senior management teams from mining companies
  • Providing investors with an opportunity to efficiently derive maximum value from their time spent at Mines and Money Connect.


Confirm attendance

Upon confirming your attendance at one of our events, we will ask you a number of questions about your preferences that will enable us to match you with relevant companies.

All mining companies go through a strict vetting and qualification process to ensure you only meet high quality companies.


Our bespoke meeting platform algorithm will recommend prequalified mining companies that are relevant to you.

You will also have the power to search mining companies by type, commodities, project stages, regions and stock exchanges of interest.

Confirm Schedule

Confirm your schedule Our investor concierge team will work with you to help schedule your meetings, ensuring you have a jampacked calendar.

investors that attend our events average 21 meetings per three-day event.

Secure Investments

Connect, meet and discuss project updates and share presentations with investors face-to-face at exhibitor booths or in the networking lounges at one of our events.

Or meet investors from around the world virtually with our fully integrated video system open 24 hours a day.

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