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CompanyFYI Resources

  • Location: Australia
  • Tickers:
    • ASX:FYI
  • Commodities: Alumina, Rare Earth Metals
  • Project Stages:
    • Development

FYI is positioning itself to be a significant producer of high quality critical minerals for use in the rapidly developing EV market and high-tech applications.

FYI is developing innovative, high quality, critical minerals projects to create shareholder value.

HPA is a critical material for many high-tech products because of its unique characteristics and chemical properties that address high specification requirements in applications such as LED’s and sapphire glass products.

The long-term driver for HPA is the outlook for the booming electric vehicle and battery storage markets, where HPA has the capacity to increase the power yield, functionality and overall safety of the battery cells.

The FYI mission is to be a key contributor of a sustainable world by innovating responsibly, giving back to our communities and reducing environmental impact for our future generations.

FYI Resources
  • asx: fyi

    • 0 (0%)

* Based on previous 24 hours performance

  • asx: fyi

    • -0.003 (-3.95%)

* Based on previous 7 days performance

  • asx: fyi

    • -0.022 (-23.16%)

* Based on previous 12 weeks performance

  • asx: fyi

    • -0.067 (-47.86%)

* Based on previous 12 months performance

Open 0.07300 Volume 258924
High 0.07300 52w High 0.21000
Low 0.07000 52w Low 0.05500
Close 0.07300

* 03 October 2023 (AUD)

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