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GeoPHYSX Jamaica

  • Location: Jamaica
  • Tickers: Private:
  • Commodities: Copper, Gold, Silver
  • Project Stages: Exploration

Geophysx Jamaica is a privately held and funded Mineral Exploration company, operationally active in Jamaica since 2017. The company’s name signifies our intent to do all required to “eXplore”, understand and discover the “PHYSical” makeup and the “GEOlogy” of the island. We have not only chosen to operate as best-in-class, but have committed to developing an in-house local team, trained and practiced in the various skills required for us to accomplish our mission. Equipment and skills include exploration and mapping, operational safety, geochemistry, electromagnetic and magnetic surveying, High Density 3D Seismic, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), XRF, Hyperspectral, drone operation and, importantly, diamond core and RC drilling. We operate 10 mobile field teams, the largest force in the region, and work closely with best-in-field minds from various parts of the world, in all relevant sciences, including very novel techniques. In addition to other surveys, we have also now completed 20,000 geochemical assays across the entire island to date, and hold the largest portfolio of exclusive licenses for base, precious and strategic metals on record. Our extended team has more than 350 years of exploration experience, and a passion for the island like no other… Geophysx Jamaica is currently working on expanding over a dozen potential discoveries across the island, in various stages, from early anomalies, to extensively sampled. These include high- and intermediate-sulfidation gold-bearing polymetallic zones, breccia pipe polymetallic with gold, supergene copper and silver, as well as 4 possible large mineralized zones under limestone cover. In addition, we are working on two different styles of REE mineralization in the island.

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