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Habib Shahab Ltd.

  • Location: Afghanistan
  • Tickers: Private:
  • Project Stages: Production

Habib Shahab-TMMPC is an Afghan mining company mainly focusing on industrial minerals and dimension stones (Talc & Marble) exploration, exploitation, and production inside the country. The company has a Talc producing mine of around 72 square KM in district Sherzad in the province of Nangarhar which has produced an estimated 2.2 million tons of talc in the last 10 years and holds several small-scale marble development rights in the provinces of Kunar & Nangarhar. 
In addition, the company has owned two world-class processing plants for the commodities in Sheikh Misri Industrial Park of Nangarhar and one on-site processing plant.

In Collaboration with DeWER Co & TSP, the company also has set up a processing facility for precious and semi-precious minerals such as Nephrite, Jade & Serpentine which provides support to the implementation of key-value chain interventions which significantly improve inputs, quality, and product development for the local artisanal scale miners. Similarly, identify and mitigate major constraints within targeted exporters’ supply chains. 

HS Ltd retains several mineral licenses for exploration & Exploitation from the Ministry of Mines & Petroleum and is open to new adventures.

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