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IWiM is a leading global women’s organisation pursuing gender equality and promoting women’s voices, access to opportunities and leadership in mining.

We connect with over 11,000 members and followers worldwide and collaborate with women in mining organisations in over 40 countries.

IWiM is a not-for-profit organisation, founded in 2007 and now registered as a community interest company in the UK:

Our aims are to lead global change towards gender equality in mining by acting as:

  • as Industry Change Agent, to make mining a better industry through diversity, gender equality and inclusion; We achieve this via projects and campaigns like our mentoring programme
  • as WIM Champion, to strengthen women in mining organisations to achieve global cohesion and leverage their game-changing collective strength; as well as celebrating individual women in mining - and
  • as Diversity Trend Setter, to collect and dispense knowledge supporting the enhancement of women’s role and participation.

We operate with the support of sponsors and partners, and rely on a team of volunteers without whom we could not achieve our goals; Our volunteers and directors are based all over the world and bring different perspectives to the organisation.

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