NSW Government

NSW Government

Mining, Exploration and Geoscience, a division of the Department of Regional NSW, is committed to its vision of NSW being the preferred investment destination for safe and sustainable exploration and mining. Our mission is to provide certainty to mining and exploration industries and local communities about the future of mining in NSW and support industry to understand and fulfil its obligations.

Mining, Exploration and Geoscience works closely with industry to make NSW the number one choice for mining in Australia, attracting investment, people and prosperity continuing a legacy of mining in NSW stretching back more than 200 years.

Today, NSW is home to world-class mines and deposits, with significant mineral potential undeveloped across the state. With rich deposits of copper, cobalt, rare earth elements and other critical minerals, we are well positioned to develop these resources and meet increasing demand for current and future technologies.

The NSW Government has allocated record funding through the $130 million Critical Minerals and Hi-Tech Activation Fund to activate this sector and position NSW as a major global supplier of critical minerals and high-tech metals well into the future.

Mining, Exploration and Geoscience provides a range of support and incentives to businesses looking to invest, from assistance for new mining projects and transparent environmental reporting and mining titles requirements to tax incentives and project grants.

The mining industry is world-class, boasting international expertise, a highly-skilled workforce and regulations that ensure mines in NSW operate in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

For further information about Mining, Exploration and geoscience visit our website: regional.nsw.gov.au/meg

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