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Quantified Strategies believe that comprehensive strategic planning should be undertaken when developing natural resources to ensure the best possible outcome for every asset. Planning workflows must also inspire confidence in results through vigorous validation processes and systems. We believe that significant opportunity exists to improve strategic planning, analysis of data and communication of outcomes, risk and value at risk.

For several years whilst working together on strategic mine planning projects, we identified significant gaps in the strategic planning framework and explored options for better workflows and higher confidence outcomes. Quantified Strategies was subsequently established by the founding partners to address these identified gaps through the development of improved software, systems and processes. Our vision is to improve decision making within the mining industry and beyond through robust tools, systems and processes that clearly communicate options risks and outcomes. 

At the heart of our motivation is a genuine desire to foster informed and equitable decision making for the betterment of our industry and all stakeholders. This inspires innovation and excellence in all aspects of our undertakings. Quantified Strategies core focus is on the development and implementation of strategic mine planning best practice. We believe that this can only be achieved through effective understanding of risk and value-at-risk for all possible options on the strategic planning terrain. Through continuing collaborative and impactful research and development, we aim to be global leaders in this space and facilitate positive change in our industry. 

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