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SCT Operations Pty Ltd has been providing specialist geotechnical services and instrumentation to assist in solving difficult mining problems for well over thirty years. SCT’s four pillars, consulting, field services, instrumentation and research, combine to enable them to support underground mining operations to manage geotechnical and strata control risks, optimise efficiencies, and mitigate impacts to the environment.

SCT’s experienced team of geotechnical engineers and instrumentation technicians work with underground mining operations both in Australia and internationally.

SCT have been manufacturing and supplying geotechnical instrumentation for over 25 years. SCT’s Rock-IT and Clock-IT instruments are cost-effective, reliable and effective routine geotechnical monitoring instruments. These extensometers, when installed in the roof, wall or floor, provide a continuous visual indication to measure displacement in an underground mining environment. The early indication of movement, detected by these instruments, warn mining officials and operators of changing conditions, enabling them to take early remedial action.

SCT’s latest innovation for monitoring roof conditions in underground mines is RockSHIELD®. RockSHIELD® connects an array of smart instruments to a central head unit to enable shear and displacement data to be recorded and reported into dedicated software. The software can be configured to set alert levels and provides critical information to the mine enabling them to monitor, act and protect their people, plant and operations.

SCT is guided by industry and market demands and continues to improve their systems and capabilities in a range of areas. For example, recent developments to SCT’s 3D modelling processes have improved the modelling capability to enable large scaled and detailed rock failure models. While continued improvements in stress measurement systems using the overcoring technique enable high confidence 3D stress measurements from surface to depths exceeding 1000 meters.

SCT partners with underground operations globally, providing innovative solutions to support mines from exploration and feasibility through to mine closure.