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Sunrise Energy Metals Ltd

  • Stand: M60
  • Location: Australia
  • Tickers: ASX:SRL
  • Commodities: Cobalt, Nickel, Scandium
  • Project Stages: Development

Sunrise Energy Metals Ltd is developing the Sunrise Battery Materials Project in New South Wales.  Once built, Sunrise will be one of the world’s largest integrated producers of nickel and cobalt battery feedstocks.  The Project is development-ready, with all key permits and approvals in place.  Sunrise also hosts one of the largest scandium deposits globally, a metal that will become increasingly important as an alloy in aerospace, automotive and defence applications.

Sunrise will produce approximately 20,000 tonnes per annum of nickel and 5,000 tonne per annum of cobalt, all in the form of high purity metal salts for the battery industry.  Sunrise is designed with one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry and the capacity to recycle spent battery cathode to recover metals.  Forecast to be one of the lowest cost producers in the world, Sunrise is strategically placed, in a safe jurisdiction, to play a leading role in the electrification of the global auto industry and to support the growth of renewable power generation.

  • asx: srl

    • 0.003 (0.57%)

* Based on previous 24 hours performance

  • asx: srl

    • -0.065 (-10.92%)

* Based on previous 7 days performance

  • asx: srl

    • -0.035 (-6.19%)

* Based on previous 12 weeks performance

  • asx: srl

    • -0.305 (-42.07%)

* Based on previous 12 months performance

Open 0.52000 Volume 12221
High 0.53000 52w High 1.16000
Low 0.50500 52w Low 0.32000
Close 0.53000

* 18 July 2024 (AUD)

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