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CompanyVytas Resources

  • Commodities: Hydrogen, Kaolin, Silica Sands
  • Other Commodities: Silica
  • Project Stages:
    • Development
    • Exploration

Vytas’ Green Hydrogen Strategy is DIFFERENT!

The Green Hydrogen Challenge
Green hydrogen is seen as a solution to the storage of green energy, as the storage of electricity at scale is a challenge. However, the storage of hydrogen is a challenge which brings about a circular error.

Vytas’ Solution
“On Demand” Green hydrogen negates the safety and costs associated with storage and logistics.

Imagine producing fuel immediately prior to consuming the fuel, negating the safety challenges of storage. 

Opportunities include defence, shipping, logistics, mining, power facilities and any other sector where safety is respected will benefit from “On Demand” hydrogen.

The Vytas Process is Recyclable
Vytas converts a unique form of silica into a unique form of silicon, essentially stripping oxygen from the silica. This silicon is added to water and the silicon strips the oxygen from the water molecule releasing hydrogen on demand. 

The waste product is silica which is recycled into silicon and the process is repeated.

Sea Water
Vytas’ process works with fresh water and sea water, negating the competing uses of water from farming and industry.

Proven at Scale
Vytas’ process is a proven technology to produce high purity hydrogen at scale. On Demand hydrogen was used over 100 years ago for Zeppelins and US Defence industries.

Vytas has taken a 100-year-old process and made it not only affordable but one of the lowest cost solutions in green hydrogen. 

Current Status
Vytas has completed optimisation of silicon to hydrogen with the assistance of the US Defence industry, commenced design and construction phase for the maiden commercial pilot plant.

Vytas has established Australian and US partners, to assist with the commercialisation for civilian applications in land-based power generation, shipping, and defence.

Vytas Resources

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