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Chris Brown

SpeakerChris Brown

Senior Resource Analyst


Chris had 18 years experience as a professional geologist with WMC Limited group companies, and in 1985 led the team which discovered the Yandan gold deposit in the Drummond Basin, Queensland.

For the past 35 years he has been involved with the investment industry, and was part of the management buy-out team of Morgan Stockbroking in 1991, where he remained an Executive Director until mid-2004, and remains as an analyst, with a focus on emerging resource companies.

Since 2007 Chris has been a member of the Investment Committee of Sydney-based Taurus Funds Management, an affiliate of MD Sass, and is a Technical Adviser to Taurus. 

While Chris has just resigned after 10 years on the Joint Ore Reserve Committee, he remains engaged with analysis of emerging companies through Morgans and Taurus.  

Chris Brown