Shaun Fox

Chairman & Founder

FOXI Resources

Shaun is an experienced business professional, entrepreneur and founder of the FOXI group of companies. He specialises in creating financial instruments and lending mechanisms and was the founding partner behind the FOXI group of companies’ concept of creating a looped network of community between borrower, purchaser and lender. 


Shaun’s extensive entrepreneurial experience, spanning two decades and including experience in financial institutions, start-ups and venture capital, has given him the vision, foresight and ability to recognise the potential in early-stage business investment opportunities. His particular interest in social responsibility and the environmental impact of mining has led him to establish the first ever net zero impact and net zero emission mining enterprise. As founder of FOXI Resources, Shaun works closely with his team of highly qualified professionals in the mining and resources industry to develop funding solutions which are underpinned by sustainable mining practice and 100% net zero emissions.

Whilst understanding both the high-risk/high-reward nature of venture capital investment in mining and resources, and with a view to safeguarding our environment by exceeding sustainable mining practice benchmarks, Shaun has a strong belief in the role of carbon neutral mining in fostering new industries and contributing to technology and innovation, job creation and inclusive wealth opportunities.

Shaun Fox