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Tony Knight

SpeakerTony Knight

Chief Government Geologist

Geological Survey of Queensland

Tony Knight is Queensland’s Chief Government Geologist. He leads the Geological Survey of Queensland whose mission is to help drive economic development from discovery and development of Queensland’s mineral and energy resources.        

Tony brings extensive breadth and depth of industry experience to the role. His focus is to the future, working to help the Queensland resources sector navigate and find opportunity in the global shifts underway across key pillars of the economy and society in energy, industry, sustainability and security of supply. 

He is a keen advocate for development of new supply chains based on Queensland’s rich resource endowment, and to couple that with rapidly growing interest from investment and customer markets for ethical and responsible supply credentials. 

His interests span resources scarcity and security, sustainable supply, ethical and responsible sourcing, circular economy, traceability and provenance of minerals, and changing expectations of investor and customer markets.

Tony Knight