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IOM3 Approved for CPD 2022

Hear from leading mining, investment and finance experts with a conference program covering the latest global trends, current industry challenges, market analysis, and insights in mining finance.

For 2022, the overarching theme is Resourcing Tomorrow. Over the course of three content heavy days, the conference will address energy transition, ESG, sustainability and the circular economy. 

With mining driving 38% of the world’s GDP, everyone recognises the critical role it will play in the energy transition. Resourcing Tomorrow, brought to you by Mines and Money will examine how the policies stemming from COP26 and the need to combat climate change are leading to a growing acceptance of the role that the mining industry has to play in helping decarbonisation. 

  • Mines and Money London: Europe's leading mining investment event
  • Resourcing Tomorrow: Accelerating the energy transition
  • Reimagining Mining: Transforming mining through technology and innovation

The agenda will investigate how the mining industry is reinventing itself. Geopolitical developments and COVID-19 has led to a re-appraisal of mining supply chains. Exploration is once again front of mind with a realisation that there is not enough supply to meet the demand for the green economy.

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