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Australia Minerals

Australia Minerals is a collaboration of Australia's federal, state and Northern Territory government geoscience agencies working together with the vision that Australia is recognised as a preferred destination for mineral resources investment, development and supply.

Our mission is to demonstrate and promote the commercial and operational advantage for investors into the Australian mineral resources sector.  

Australia is one of the world's biggest minerals exploration markets with huge remaining brownfields and greenfields discovery potential. With readily accessible geoscience expertise and research support, Australia Minerals enables investors to tap into Australia's diverse geological potential in a wide range of commodities to achieve high exploration returns.

Australia's business, policy and investment processes, proven record of environmental, social, financial, legal and political stability, and its proximity to Asia's fast-growing markets, make it the smart, secure choice for exploration investment. Australia Minerals offers ground-breaking information, unrivalled expertise and a record of innovation that supports investors in the minerals sector.

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