Avalon Mining

Avalon Mining

  • Location: Mongolia
  • Tickers:
    • Private:
  • Commodities:
    • Copper
  • Project Stages:
    • Development
    • Exploration

Avalon Mining is a new formed venture, which will make strategic acquisitions in the base metals and iron ore space. Our strategy is to unlock value from projects where we see growth potential and valuations mismatch due to a variety of factors (such as size, market access, growth strategy).

Our process is based on bottom up analysis with a strong emphasis on technical and ESG due diligence.

Tsagaan Suvarga Copper Molybdenum Project (‘TS’ or the ‘Project’) is a copper molybdenum project in Mongolia targeting to produce 310kmt per year of copper concentrates over a 21 year mine life.

Best industry consultants (Coffey, SNC Lavallin , Golder, Bateman) have been used to complete its feasibility study.
All permits and licenses have been obtained and the Project benefits from an agreement protecting its investment and tax regime with the Mongolian government.
The Project has been already under development (overall about 46% completed) before being put on hold in 2014 due to lack of funding.

Engineering is almost completed. Infrastructures are largely commissioned, a large portion of equipment have been purchased.
The Project could expect reach commissioning within 30 months.
A clear roadmap to commissioning with a full LSTK contract with a world class EPC is being put together under the leadership of our management.
Avalon Mining Corp. hasentered into exclusive negotiations to acquire 60% of the Project and is securing funding to complete its capex.

The Project is one of the few existing copper project which can be put in production within 30 months with immediate proximity to China.

Government is fully supportive of this Project

Avalon Mining

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