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Cornish Lithium

  • Location: Cornwall, UK
  • Tickers: Private:
  • Commodities: Lithium
  • Project Stages: Exploration

Cornish Lithium is focused on exploring for lithium within the hot springs that naturally occur beneath the surface in and around Cornish granites, with the aim to create a new mining industry in Cornwall.

The directors of Cornish Lithium have extensive mining industry and fundraising experience and have secured agreements with various holders of mineral rights in Cornwall to explore for, and to commercially develop, lithium bearing hot spring brines throughout areas considered to be highly prospective. The region has long been associated with tin and copper. Cornish Lithium, by undertaking one of the largest unified exploration projects in the history of Cornwall, sees the potential to move Cornish mining into the 21st century.

Lithium is the lightest metal and one of the most chemically reactive. As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, lithium’s importance and demand is growing rapidly with increasing usage in batteries for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage systems. With demand for lithium expected to increase rapidly for uses in modern technologies, the UK government has highlighted this strategic mineral as a metal of importance to UK industry. Goldman Sachs has described lithium as “the new gasoline” due to its ability to fuel a transformation in the automotive industry and to move the world towards a zero-emissions future, especially when combined with renewable power sources.

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