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Digbee is a technology company that builds specialist and trusted open solutions for the mining industry. With that central purpose comes a commitment to share our expert guidance, advice and support to the mining companies, investors, NGOs, communities, and other industry stakeholders that we work with each day.

Our flagship product is Digbee ESG: a free-to-access online tool that allows mining companies of all sizes to disclose their ESG activities using a set of mining-specific ESG frameworks that align with over 25 global standards. Once submitted, the data are analysed by an independent third party that assigns a score and delivers a qualitative ESG assessment.

This is underpinned by Digbee Data: A freely available database of mining projects updated weekly comprising over 60 data points for over 3,000 publicly available economic studies, allowing easy comparison between mining project data via an interactive map.

Founded by Jamie Strauss, who has spent over three decades in the mining sector, Digbee is committed to transforming one of the most important yet poorly perceived industries on the planet.

We aim to mitigate risk, improve transparency, and foster a stronger and better global mining community for all. We hope you’ll join us on our core mission to make mining better.

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