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Global Battery Materials & Technology for a Clean Energy Future
EV Metals Group plc (EVM) is a global battery materials and technology company committed to a clean energy future. Demand for rechargeable batteries used in electric vehicles and renewable energy storage is expected to increase substantially within the next decade due the global transition to electrification and a low carbon economy. As structural deficits in the critical minerals required for rechargeable batteries emerge, EVM is ideally positioned to offer a sustainable supply of high purity chemicals and cathode active materials (CAM).
EVM’s business model is based on upstream, midstream and downstream integration of proprietary supply chains from in-situ critical raw materials to downstream production of high purity chemicals and cathode active materials (CAM).
EVM will produce CAM for electric vehicle and battery cell manufacturers in UK, Europe, North America and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seeking long term, transparent and geopolitically aligned supply chains.

EV Metals Group


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