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Addressing commodity and equity prices, resource security, and the impact on investors' risk appetite as well as the future role of London as a mining finance centre.

Exploration Investment Opportunities: Exploration has always been the lifeblood of the mining industry, but whether it is critical minerals or minerals needed to power the energy transition, the world needs the mining industry to increase its exploration to meet increasing demand. 

Gold, silver, copper and battery metals are just some of the commodities you can expect to hear about, with a program looking at current commodity trends that can shape investment strategy, alongside a showcase of projects that are attractive for investment. Whilst miners and explorers will gain a better insight into investment and financing challenges and opportunities.

With 130 of the most compelling exploration and development companies, this year's event provides an excellent opportunity to identify and compare new investments.

Via mining spotlight presentations, a packed exhibition featuring 130 exploration companies, plus our award-winning meeting planner, attendees will we able to evaluate the latest discoveries and decide where to invest.

Mines and Money London


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