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MineSense is leading a new era of smart mining with its ShovelSense®, "smart shovel", delivering proven, game-changing technology that improves the profitability and sustainability of your mine.  

ShovelSense operates exclusively at the mine face by analyzing every bucket to characterize ore from waste and waste from the ore and provide the real-time data necessary to grade and autonomously route trucks to mill, stockpile, or waste dump. Mines using ShovelSense are empowered to capitalize on a game-changing process, ore sorting at the extraction face. 

The mine face, where heterogeneity is at its maximum is the prime location to capture ore in designated waste before it is hauled to the dump. This creates significant value for most mines in terms of additional metal production, revenue, and profit. It is also the most impactful location to remove waste from designated ore before any additional costs are incurred to process uneconomic material. In addition, the data collected at extraction is unmatched, for timeliness and resolution, providing dramatic and previously unavailable new orebody knowledge and visibility that improves short-term mine planning, downstream processes, and overall reconciliation.

The digital mine begins at extraction, and ShovelSense technology is proven in a growing list of global deployments to deliver transformative value for mines seeking to maximize the potential of their orebody.

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