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Tackling key issues such as digitisation, AI, mineral processing and tailings and water management

  • Technology innovation and leadership
  • Digitalisation and connected mines
  • Decarbonisation technologies
  • Automation, AI and remote monitoring
  • Tailings and water management                              
  • Mineral processing
  • ESG and sustainability

Innovating Mining Production: Innovations in Digitalisation, The Connected Mine, Remote Automation and AI. Technological advancements and innovation through automation, digitalisation, and electrification, have considerably escalated in the past year. Various technologies and innovations have assisted in the accessibility of, and to, sites across the globe, regarded as “enablers”. A few areas reshaping the sector include automation, artificial intelligence, data collection and interpretation, connectivity, modelling and digital transformation.

The mining sector needs to continue to foster innovation to remain competitive, but more importantly, ensure agility – especially as witnessed in 2020 and as the demand for sustainable practices continues.