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Satarla is a risk management consultancy and training company that specialises in integrated and enterprise-wide risk management as well as sustainability (also known as ESG). Founded to empower decision makers ensure that Environmental Social and Governance risks be routinely included in risk-based decision making at all levels of an organisation, Satarla is now a team of 100 consultants based globally.

Head quartered in the UK, Satarla also has entities registered in South Africa, Australia and Canada. Clients range from charities and governments, to banks, insurers, agriculture, sports, healthcare and mining.

Simple, integrated, enterprise-wide risk management provides the mechanism through which all risks can be understood and balanced. Over the past 7 years, Satarla has utilised a simple 4-step risk management process to act as the translation tool not only between different risk management disciplines, but also through the different layers of management in an organisation and between core employees and third party stakeholders.

ERM, when designed and applied properly, can support organisations in not only building the cultures they desire, but also remain nimble enough to find the opportunities in even the most uncertain of environments.
The use of simple integrated enterprise-wide risk management as the engine within the delivery of real ESG has been shown to work not only within the raw materials sector, but across many others.

The risk management approach to ESG is key to moving organisations away from “box ticking” towards practical, impact and action focused ESG management. The complexity of conflicting requirements being increasingly imposed on all organisations highlights the need for a logical risk-based approach to ensuring priorities are dealt with first and practical methods of operating in a sustainable manner are supported.

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