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The Republic of Chad - Ministry of Mines and Geology

Chad is a country located in the heart of Africa, between 7° and 24° north latitude, 13° and 24° east longitude. It has an area of 1, 284,000km2 and populated by about 16, 000,000 inhabitants. The climate is tropical semi-arid with a dry season and a rainy season. The economy is based on agriculture, livestock and oil revenues. 

The regional geological context places it between the West African craton, Congo, Nile (meta craton of the Sahara). The main stratigraphic units are crystalline rocks (Precambrian basement), which constitute the crystallophyllian massif, sedimentary formations, Phanerozoic, volcanites of tertiary – Quaternary age, constitute a vast volcanic apparatus in the south of Tibesti.

Chad is potentially rich in terms of mineral resources. Many of the world's leading mining companies are showing interest in contributing to the development of these resources. But Chad's mining sector is underdeveloped and this situation is largely due to a lack of knowledge of the country's mineral resources.

In recent years, with the tools of metal detection technology, Chad has been experiencing "gold rush" phenomena in several of its provinces. Recent discoveries of several showings of polymetallic mineralization and primary gold have changed this situation. These discoveries prove the country's significant mineral resource potential.

The desire of the Chadian Government to make the mining sector a harmonious development tool capable of financing other promising sectors such as agriculture and livestock is reflected in the establishment of a legislative framework aligned with the African mining vision while providing access to compliance with international extractive industry standards.

Law 010/PR/2018 of 20 June 2018 ratifying Ordinance No. 004/PR/2018 of 21 February 2018, on the Mining Code in the Republic of Chad, governs the prospection, exploration, exploitation, possession, circulation, processing and trade of minerals and fossils on the national territory. This Mining Code relaxes the conditions of access for foreign investors to research activities, accompanied by the strong incentive to develop a real local industrial fabric. It provides for a fair sharing of mining rents and revenues between the State and operators;

Mining activities are also carried out within the general legal framework of industrial activities which is governed by the following legal texts: the Investment Code, the General Tax Code, the Customs Code, the Labour Code, the Environmental Code.

Chad is a good destination for mining investments and active collaboration to foster sectoral cooperation, establish and develop a strong supply chain of green or critical minerals, and increase supply reliability.

The door is open to all partners who want to contribute to exploration for the exploitation of mineral resources within the framework of sustainable development.

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