Binding Solutions

Binding Solutions

Binding Solutions has developed patented technology to decarbonise the metals and mining industry, promote the circular economy, and create value for all stakeholders. We do this by creating high-value pellets from low value primary materials as well as mine and smelter waste. We use proprietary polymer binders to pelletise fine materials without the need for high-capex, energy intensive and highly polluting plants.

We have raised over $10m from metals and mining majors as well as financial investors, which we are using to deploy our technology under licenses and joint ventures with leading market participants.

We are deploying our proven technology at a wide variety of operations in the steel and metals industries to:

  • Rapidly and significantly reduce carbon emissions by eliminating processes that are responsible for approximately 15% of the global steel industry’s GHG emissions
  • Convert previously unviable waste and by-products into usable product that can be monetised, materially improving resource efficiency
  • Allow miners to access value by removing current carbon intensive mining processes and establishing new market opportunities
  • Significantly lower operating costs by removing the need for energy and capital-intensive processes
Binding Solutions

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