International Graphite

CompanyInternational Graphite

  • Location: Australia
  • Tickers:
    • ASX:IG6
  • Commodities:
    • Graphite
  • Project Stages:
    • Development

International Graphite (ASX:IG6) is an Australian owned and operated company.
We are on track to be Western Australia’s first fully integrated mine-to-market graphite producer – a new employer creating new opportunities in the State, and an intended future supplier to the global battery minerals market.

International Graphite is developing a new source of battery anode material for the technologies we need to build a cleaner, greener world and helping to strengthen Australia’s sovereign capability in the critical minerals space. 

International Graphite
  • asx: ig6

    • -0.005 (-2.04%)

* Based on previous 24 hours performance

  • asx: ig6

    • -0.005 (-2.04%)

* Based on previous 7 days performance

  • asx: ig6

    • -0.06 (-20%)

* Based on previous 12 weeks performance

  • asx: ig6

    • -0.145 (-37.66%)

* Based on previous 12 months performance

Open 0.25000 Volume 95422
High 0.25000 52w High 0.47500
Low 0.24000 52w Low 0.22000
Close 0.24000

* 01 February 2023 (AUD)


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