Key themes in The agenda

  • Accelerating the energy transition and EV migration, battery metals and battery technology innovation
  • Managing geopolitical risks, resource nationalism and doing business in varying mining jurisdictions
  • Innovations in Digitisation, The Connected Mine, Remote Automation and AI
  • Meaningful Collaboration, JVs, and partnerships
  • Climate change and how mining can help in decarbonisation and the race to net-zero
  • Measurable ESG outcomes across the value chain
  • Reimaging supply chains; responsible sourcing; mitigating supply chain disruptions and the impact of inflation and rising costs
  • Commodity and equity prices, resource security, and its impact on investors' risk appetite
  • The future role of London as a mining finance centre


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Conference Overview
Conference Overview

Resourcing Tomorrow

How can the mining industry lead the way in the energy transition? Most of the industry agree that climate change is a real threat, and that decarbonisation is the solution. Recent data indicating rising temperatures plus government initiatives such as the recent COP 26 have made this...

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Mines and Money @ Resourcing-tomorrow

Mines and Money London provides an excellent opportunity to identify and compare new investments. Via mining spotlight presentations, a packed exhibition featuring 130 exploration companies, plus our award-winning meeting planner, attendees will we able to decide where to invest...

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Reimagining Mining

Technological advancements and innovation through automation, digitalisation, and electrification, have considerably escalated in the past year. Various technologies and innovations have assisted in the accessibility of, and to, sites across the globe, regarded as “enablers”...

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