Assheton Stewart Carter

Executive Director

The Impact Facility

Assheton is an expert and NED on responsible sourcing, environmental markets, non-financial risk, and responsible investment in international and emerging markets. A track record of 25 years with a focus on the resources sector and international mineral and metal, auto, electronics, battery and luxury supply chains.   

He is CEO of TDi Sustainability, a specialist management consultancy; CEO of The Impact Facility for Sustainable Mining Communities, and impact investment vehicle with a focus on artisanal mining communities in East Africa; Executive Director of the Fair Cobalt Alliance; and, he chairs and serves on several boards and expert panels for standard-setting organizations, NGOs, and private companies. Dr Carter is an expert on corporate voluntary standard-setting and certification schemes, creation of environmental and social tokens and credits in the carbon and responsible minerals sectors; mineral value-chain development from producer to product; and, on social and environmental impact and management at complex natural resource projects. 

He holds a Ph.D. from the Management and Development Schools of the University of Bath in the development impact of the global mining industry and best practices in managing community and environmental performance at mining projects.

Assheton Stewart Carter

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