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As Europe's largest mining investment forum, you will hear from some of the greatest leaders in mining, investment, and finance with more than 250 speakers providing the latest market commentary, project updates and insights in tackling the big challenges facing the industry.

Throughout the three-day conference programme, you’ll also hear project updates from more than 100 mining companies, enabling investors to understand management’s vision for the business, the level of financing required, the upsides as well as the risks involved with the project, along with some of the most compelling reasons to invest.

Chris Stewart

SpeakerChris Stewart

President & Chief Executive Officer

Minto Metals

A senior executive with over 29 years of diversified experience in the mining industry – 14 years working with mining contractors and 15 years working with mining companies in executive roles. 

I started out working underground as a miner as I felt it was important that I understood what these people had to deal with on a daily basis so that I could perform better in a leadership role later in my career. This willingness to “get dirty” allowed me to earn the respect of my peers early on in my career.

I have a solid reputation in the mining community as I firmly believe in carrying out my business in a professional and ethical manner with honesty, integrity and passion. 

Safety is of paramount importance to me and I am firm believer that the most productive work places are also the safest workplaces. My commitment to providing a safe work environment for my team is steadfast.
It takes a high performance team working together in order to deliver exceptional results. I take pride in the teams that I have been able to assemble in each of the various leadership positions I have held over the years. I understand team dynamics and people management. I believe that a healthy team is imperative for success and is an indication of great leadership.

I have an extremely diverse mining background in both hard rock (base and precious metals) and soft rock (potash and salt) mines. I have transitioned companies from exploration into development and from development into production. My Projects background is extensive. When it comes to building and operating mines, there is not much that I have not done. I understand what it takes to operate mines and deliver projects safely, on time and on budget. I consider myself a turnaround specialist as I have done this successfully several times in my career. I take pride in the work I have done rescuing operations and bringing stability, longevity and profitability to the operations. 

As a senior mining executive, I embrace the opportunity to help companies and teams become high performers and I am always looking for opportunities where I can add value to organizations.

Chris Stewart