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As Europe's largest mining investment forum, you will hear from some of the greatest leaders in mining, investment, and finance with more than 250 speakers providing the latest market commentary, project updates and insights in tackling the big challenges facing the industry.

Throughout the three-day conference programme, you’ll also hear project updates from more than 100 mining companies, enabling investors to understand management’s vision for the business, the level of financing required, the upsides as well as the risks involved with the project, along with some of the most compelling reasons to invest.

Danielle Chigumira

SpeakerDanielle Chigumira

Consultant and Former Sellside Analyst

Independent consultant



Danielle was previously the London-based analyst at Bernstein Research covering commodities and global Mining equities with a particular focus on copper, aluminium, gold, and Platinum Group Metals. Danielle is passionate about combining an informed, data-led, bottom-up approach to ESG analysis in Metals & Mining, with a broader awareness that naked ESG metrics aren’t the only thing that count (and can sometimes encourage suboptimal corporate behaviour).

Prior to joining Bernstein in 2020, Danielle was an analyst at Macquarie covering EMEA and North American listed gold and base metal miners. She took a brief foray away from the sell-side to join the World Platinum Investment Council in 2017, a trade body which encourages investment in platinum financial and physical products, where she was the Manager of Investment Research, so is a bit of a PGM nerd.

Danielle started her career with nine years at UBS Equity Research, where after covering the telecoms sector, she got sucked in to switching to Metals & Mining at the top of the last cycle, ultimately covering broad range of mining stocks with exposure spanning from diamonds to iron ore. Danielle holds a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Warwick.

Danielle Chigumira