Greg Kofford

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sorbie Bornholm

Greg Kofford is the Founder & CEO of Sorbie Bornholm, a global investment firm that provides funding for ongoing business objectives to listed micro, small, and mid-cap growth companies. Greg has over 35 years of experience in global capital markets and is the architect of the Sorbie-Strategy.    


Greg worked for several family offices of individuals on the Forbes 400 list. In 2008 Greg co-founded a London-based partnership investing in small and nano-cap public companies. Sorbie Bornholm was founded in 2019 to provide supportive, longer-term capital that rewards growth. Greg leads the Sorbie team.

Greg’s experience makes him acutely aware of the ingredients for a successful investment strategy and the challenges management teams encounter – and he’s used that experience to assist many companies in gaining access to capital that helps them achieve their vision. Greg has invested in numerous mining companies, funding early-stage exploration to production. Additionally, Greg personally owns a few projects in Utah, including a historic Uranium-Vanadium mine.

Greg Kofford

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