Lawrence Roulston

Managing Director

WestBay Capital Advisors

Lawrence has been deeply immersed in the global mining industry in for almost 40 years. Before founding WestBay Capital Advisors, he was President of Quintana Resources Capital ULC, a Vancouver-based natural resources-focused management company which provides financial and technical services to a large private investment group.   

From 1998 to August 2014, Lawrence was mining analyst and consultant, as well as the editor of “Resource Opportunities”, an independent investment publication focused on the mining industry. In the course of research and due diligence for that publication, Mr. Roulston toured mineral exploration, development and operational projects throughout the world. He has also served as an expert witness in investment litigation. That experience provided a tremendous breadth and depth of insight and knowledge of the mining industry and formed an experience base upon which to evaluate other projects. In addition, that experience also helped to establish close links to many of the leading people in the mining industry and help him to deeply understand the latest developments and companies of the global mining industry.  Prior to this, Mr. Roulston was an analyst and executive with various companies in the resources and mining industry.

Lawrence Roulston


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