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As Europe's largest mining investment forum, you will hear from some of the greatest leaders in mining, investment, and finance with more than 250 speakers providing the latest market commentary, project updates and insights in tackling the big challenges facing the industry.

Throughout the three-day conference programme, you’ll also hear project updates from more than 100 mining companies, enabling investors to understand management’s vision for the business, the level of financing required, the upsides as well as the risks involved with the project, along with some of the most compelling reasons to invest.

Madeline Young

SpeakerMadeline Young

Senior Lecturer in Global Business

University of Northampton

Madeline has a rich background of nearly 20 years working in corporate executive roles, mining and metals, natural resources, EU-UK-Africa politics, academic lecturing, and thought leadership though wide ranging international publications.         


In her academic career, she has worked and lectured at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Cambridge, University College of London, Anglia Ruskin University, University of Northampton, and the University of Surrey where she led a PhD research project on Mining Sector ESG in Africa with Dr. Gavin Hilson, which won her the Natural Resources Forum's 2023 ESG Champion Award. 

In corporate work and thought-leadership, Madeline's career has spanned across four continents, with government lobbying and public advocacy on social equality issues in the USA and in Latin America, international project management between the private sector and government clients in France, Africa, and the Middle East, Head of Government Relations and CSR for a Congo-based UK mining company, and Corporate Integrity & Compliance Manager at Ernst & Young. In the think-tank sector, she worked for the FRIDE Foundation in Madrid, publishing EU-level reports on EU-Africa investment ethics conflicts, and at Chatham House on natural resource governance issues, where she presented her fieldwork on democracy and petrol conflict in Nigeria. She is a regular delegate at OECD Industry working sessions, as well as a multilingual keynote speaker at natural resource sector and government events in the EU and across Africa. She has held positions such as director and trustee of several UK-based charities, Board Advisor to eNubia - an African higher education and tech hub, as well as serving as Non-Executive Director of the British Awards for African Development (BRAAD Awards).

Madeline Young