Nate Macmillan

Decarbonisation And Green Innovation Director

Ascon Group

As part of my academic accolades, I have read for the BSc Navigation & Marine Technology at Liverpool John Moores University, attended post-graduate studies, MSc Marine Resource Development & Development at Heriot Watt University and Msc Oil & Gas Engineering at University of Aberdeen.    

I have gained experience in a career encompassing energy & logistics, at sea, in the oil & gas industry, a brief executive role in the rail industry and from 2016 as a commodity trader.
Since 2018, I am leading the transition, of the Ascon Group of Companies’ Southern Africa division, from fossil
fuel trading to sustainable, decarbonisation solutions such as biofuel/e-fuels blending for road logistics, green
supply chains, carbon capture retrofits to flue emissions stacks with associated efuels/synthetic hydrocarbon
synthesis, carbon offsets, charcoal/woodchip alternatives to replace coal, land rehabilitation for carbon credits,
waste to carbon credit pathways, waste heat to power, climate impact reporting and the punitive carbon tax
mitigation. In my role as systems integrator, together with a multi-disciplinary team, including Original
Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), I headed the development of Ascon Group’s sustainable Namibia biomass
harvesting, logistics, export project starting Q3 2023 and played a key role in developing the financial valuation
Currently, my day to day activities encompass business development for the Ascon Group GmbH’s carbon
removal projects, biochar, carbon capture, Ascon voluntary carbon credits projects, the nature based solutions,
agroforestry, blue carbon, rangeland restoration, REDD+ reforestation, Ascon Community based solutions via
biogas, cookstoves and landfill avoidance methodologies. My most recent success was a transaction for
intellectual property for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture retrofit technology to existing, industrial point source,
emissions flue stacks to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions as the fastest pathway for net zero carbon and “Just

Nate Macmillan

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