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As Europe's largest mining investment forum, you will hear from some of the greatest leaders in mining, investment, and finance with more than 250 speakers providing the latest market commentary, project updates and insights in tackling the big challenges facing the industry.

Throughout the three-day conference programme, you’ll also hear project updates from more than 100 mining companies, enabling investors to understand management’s vision for the business, the level of financing required, the upsides as well as the risks involved with the project, along with some of the most compelling reasons to invest.

Rohitesh Dhawan

SpeakerRohitesh Dhawan

President & Chief Executive Officer

International Council of Mining and Minerals (ICMM)

Rohitesh was appointed CEO of ICMM in April 2021. He is passionate about the transformative power of mining, particularly in emerging markets where he has spent two-thirds of his life. His career has been at the intersection of sustainability, resources and geopolitics and his prior roles have included Managing Director for Energy, Climate & Resources at Eurasia Group and Global Head of Sustainability for the Mining Sector at KPMG.  

Ro is a Fellow and faculty member of the Africa Leadership Initiative, a Raisina fellow at the Asian Forum on Global Governance and a member of the Advisory Board of Concordia. He also serves on the expert panel on climate change for the UK government’s Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions (PACT) programme and has been named one of South Africa’s climate change leaders for his work with the country’s mining industry. He is also Chair of the Board of Trustees of the BecomingX Foundation which strives to create a world in which all young people can realise their full potential.

He holds a Masters of Science in Environmental Change & Management from the University of Oxford in the UK, and a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics from Rhodes University in South Africa. 

Rohitesh Dhawan

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