Teresa Steele-Schober

Managing Director

Uvuna Sustainability


Sustainable business extends beyond reputational impact, and has a defining influence over a company’s ability to preserve and deliver value. As a passionate and experienced environmental, social and governance (ESG) professional, Teresa works to help businesses proactively anticipate and manage ESG threats and opportunities that have the potential to impact businesses of all sectors and sizes. The formulation of innovative solutions to ESG challenges, and helping organisations integrate ESG considerations into every aspect of their business are particular focus areas.

Teresa has an intimate knowledge of the environment, social issues, corporate governance, safety and health management systems, and is able to guide businesses that seek to achieve their objectives in line with sound environmental, societal and corporate governance principles.

Teresa's education and experience give her the ability to understand the long-term implications of both operational and project-specific decisions and to provide clients with practical strategies that preserve and generate value over time.

Using her ability to connect the dots that ultimately influence profits, people and planet, she has extensive experience in assisting project teams to factor ESG considerations into decisions during all phases of the project development process. This leads to improved planning and decision-making, avoids potential permitting delays and minimises community and environmental impacts, all of which can have significant financial implications.

Identified early on in her corporate career as a high potential employee, her leadership skills were enhanced through participation in a number of company-run leadership interventions including the “Leaders in Anglo American” programme.

Teresa also has strong facilitation skills which she employs to assist organisations identify opportunity to integrate sustainability considerations into their every-day decisions.

Teresa Steele-Schober