The Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) is an industry association representing over 275 member companies across Australia. Our members are explorers, emerging miners, producers, and a wide range of businesses and service providers working in and for the industry.Being a national organisation AMEC support our members with a State Manager for all jurisdictions including offices in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. Our state managers and policy team work tireless to advocate and convey the concerns of our members to all levels of government, departments and officials, as well as develop innovative leading-edge policy to advance and safe guard our industry.AMEC recognise the importance of our members working with the communities that they operate in, as well maintaining a social licence to operate. It is critical to promote the many benefits of our industry to the public and continue to highlight the contribution our industry makes to Australia. AMEC does this through a number of public facing campaigns spanning from educative and awareness, through to direct reactive campaigns aimed at drawing attention to potential policy or regulatory changes that could impact negatively on our industry.Our organisation prides itself on encouraging strong relationships between our members. We hold regular events and activities in every state, ranging from sundowners and opportunities to network, to conferences and seminars on a wide range of current and potential issues. We also host frequent member-only events, such as boardroom lunches with government ministers and key decision makers attending, giving members a chance to engage and discuss policy. AMEC also recognises the critical importance of attracting investment and hold a number of investor focused events to assist our members promote their projects.The strong relationships we have with all levels of government with key decision makers ensure we are always up to date with any policy or regulatory changes that may affect our industry, and are able to be influential in the development of any changes. This enables us to keep our members informed and to defend our members interests when necessary.AMEC is proud to be a strong, effective and influential organisation, and the leading voice of Australia



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